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             WinCalc PRO 5.0

WinCalc PRO 5.0 - Screenshot

WinCalc Pro is a complete calculator for your PC. It combines the functionality of a printing desktop calculator with the advantages of a software application. In addition to the standard calculating functions, WinCalc PRO provides you with many additional features. With only 2.5 MB, the program doesn´t waste much disk space. The calculator is easy to use and you don´t even have to install the software – just unpack the ZIP file into any desired folder and start WinCalc PRO. You don´t need administrator rights to run the program.

WinCalc PRO is totally free for private use. However, if you like the program, please support the further development of the software by purchasing the Premium Edition, which is available for a low price. There is no 30 seconds loading delay when launching the Premium Edition. Apart from that, there is no difference between the freeware version and the Premium Edition.