WinCalc PRO 5.0 - User's Guide

Here you find the complete User's Guide of WinCalc PRO which describes all the functions of the software. The User's Guide is also part of the program (HTML Help file) and can be shown by pressing F1.

Installing / Deinstalling
Keyboard commands
Basic calculations
Advanced calculations
Memory function
Saving, loading, deleting, editing
Closing down or minimizing WinCalc PRO

Other functions:

Undo function
Rounding function
Formatting of numbers
"Always visible" function
Clipboard function
Quicksave / Quickload
Scaling the user interface
Colour scheme
Starting parameters

Licensing models (Freeware version / Premium Edition)
Technical specifications / System requirements
Copyright / Terms of use

License Agreement:

Dated as of February 21, 2009